Comprehensive Women's Center©

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Comprehensive Women’s Center© is a full-service abortion and contraception clinic in the Lowry neighborhood that provides comprehensive healthcare support and assistance to patients in the Denver Metro area. This location operates within COVID-19 guidelines and is currently not accepting visitors into the building.

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Comprehensive Women's Health Center©

Denver, Colorado, 80230

Comprehensive Women's Health Center© is a women's health care practice that provides medical services which include: - Medical terminal of pregnancies from 5 weeks and 4 days up to 9 weeks and 6 days - Surgical termination of pregnancies from 5 weeks and 4 days up to 21 weeks and 6 days - Medical and surgical termination of pregnancies - Permanent sterilization by tubal ligation - Local anesthesia - Conscious sedation - General anesthesia - Emergency contraception - Contraceptive counseling - Immediate initiation of method post-procedure - Family planning assistance Cobalt Fund: []( Visit []( for more information. © 2012-2023 Comprehensive Women’s Health Center