About Us

We work to make it easier for women to access the help they need and deserve. We know that when women have adequate resources they will give back to their children, families, and communities. We believe that helping women creates a healthier society and improves quality of life for everyone.

Amanda Rodgers, Founder/President

I created Women’s Directory in hopes of making it easier for women to find the help that they need and deserve. My experience of being a woman in the world and working with many struggling women and families for over 15 years in healthcare and education has proven to me that women deserve more. From having basic autonomy over our own bodies, finances, life decisions, to simply being able to put food on the table for ourselves and families. I hope that women can use the resources they find on this site to gain a healthier and happier life.

Hallie Hoge, Treasurer

Hallie is a software consultant based out of Denver, CO. She enjoys volunteering and various organizations in the area including the Special Olympics of Colorado, Horse rescue ranches and ReStore. Outside of working and volunteering her hobbies include being outdoors, traveling, crafting and most recently learning to ice skate.

Morgan Ikerd, Secretary

I joined Women's Directory as Secretary and hope to use my legal background to contribute to this vision. Knowledge is power. This organization strives to empower women with information that will allow them to make the best choices about their health, finances and all facets of life; having this information consolidated into one place is vital in times of stress. Women are the backbone of society and I am honored to contribute to an organization that fills the void in our current system by simplifying access to essential services.

Mark Photo for WD.JPG
Mark Franklin, Content Writer and Outreach Coordinator

I joined in helping to build Women’s Directory because I believe it’s time for a change in our society; each and every individual deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or income status. Each and every day that I am able to contribute to Women’s Directory is another day that I am simply floored at the wealth of resources and assistance that are available in the state of Colorado alone, and if I can help to bring any amount of help to underprivileged families, individuals, and anyone else who may need it, then it’s a mission I’m more than happy to be a part of because I am endeavoring to see this website blossom into something greater than myself.

Matt Lewis, Software Design

I joined Women’s Directory to help build a path toward a more equitable society. Under modern capitalism, the wealthy live easy lives on the interest from their bank accounts, while poor mothers are left to fend for themselves as they work multiple jobs to try and take care of their children. Many lack access to steady food, stable shelter, and basic healthcare. I believe that unconditional assistance should be available to anyone who needs it, and that everyone should have a social safety net under them. Women’s Directory is a hub where our labor can have a positive impact on so many other lives. I believe that by building a more just world for women, we can help build a better world for everyone.